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Whether you’re a residential or business property owner from in and around Denver, felled trees can often spell trouble. Whether trees on your property have been felled by high winds or lightning storms, the quick option is to have the tree removed. What isn’t so easy to remove, however, are unsightly tree stumps which can often remain long after trees are gone.

Tree stumps don’t just detract from the look of your property, but they can also cause problems as well. Destructive pests like carpenter ants and termites can potentially move into tree stumps, constructing nests inside while posing an infestation risk to other wood structures in the area such has buildings, fences and trellises. Unsightly and potentially dangerous fungi like mushrooms can also sprout on old tree stumps, which can be a potential hazard to children and pets.

If you’re a commercial or residential property owner who is ready to remove the tree stumps from your property, Evolution Landscape Maintenance has the knowledge, skill and experience to get it done in a timely and efficient manner.

The stump removal professionals on our team utilize fast, efficient stump grinding equipment that will have your old tree stump or tree stumps removed in no time. No matter where your tree stump is, our goal is always to protect your property from branches, chips, rocks and miscellaneous debris, complete with the proper safety equipment.

From tree removal to tree pruning, stump grinding, storm cleanup and snow removal, Evolution Landscape Maintenance is a fully-licensed and insured group of professional arborists and landscapers who will work closely with you to make sure your property is cared for and maintained all year round. Contact us today to let us know about your stump removal project and to learn how we can help.

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