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Sprinkler Blowouts, Start-ups, and Maintenance


At Evolution Landscape Maintenance, we celebrate the arrival of winter each year along with metro-Denver residents. After all, who doesn’t like arrival of ski season and pond hockey? While the annual snowfall can make your home and yard a winter wonderland, there are some important maintenance tasks to undertake before the snow flies and having your sprinkler system blown out is chief among them.

When you have your sprinklers blown out by our team of landscape professionals, you'll eliminate the risk of damage that can occur to your sprinkler system over the winter when frozen water stuck in your lines expands and causes breakage. Our team utilizes specially-designed air compression systems —with the accurate account amount of volume and pressure necessary —to make sure all water is safely and effectively removed from your sprinkler system before the first freeze sets in. After all, there's nothing worse than starting up your sprinkler system in the spring, only to realize that broken lines and leaks need to be repaired.


As things begin to warm up with the coming of spring, it quickly becomes important to have your sprinkler system prepped and ready to go. The time to get your sprinklers back to action usually falls in April, but is dependent on the weather. In order to ensure your sprinklers run properly after winter, there are several inspections and tasks that need to be done:

  • Turning on the water
  • Ensuring proper backflow prevention
  • Inspecting and programming the timer controls according to city regulations
  • Checking valves and manifolds for potential leaks
  • Testing the spray patterns and pressure of the sprinklers
  • Finding and removing clogs from lines, nozzles, and sprinkler heads

Without a thorough sprinkler start-up process, you could be jeopardizing your sprinkler system and the health of your lawn. Let us help you keep your lawn looking green and full!

Sprinkler Maintenance

Even when going through the proper winterization and start-up processes, accidents happen and sprinkler systems can be damaged or malfunction due to external forces. During the Denver area warm seasons, you will want to make sure your lawn is getting regular watering. If you see or suspect a problem with your sprinklers, reach out right away to keep the problem from getting worse. We will get your system back to perfect working order and keep your lawn healthy.

At Evolution Landscape Maintenance, we offer a variety of landscaping services that can help your property prepare for and endure winter. From sprinkler blowouts, to fertilization and snow removal, our team of professionals prides itself in its ability to get your winterization needs done in a professional and cost effective manner, so the only thing you need to worry about when the frost and snow come is how big to build your snowman! Call our team today to setup your sprinkler blowout for this season, before the first frost, so your sprinkler system will be ready go next spring.

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